What is a anchor text?

What is a anchor text?

What is a anchor text? 

Just a quick  explanation on what is an anchor text.

One of the most fundamental aspects of search engine optimization, is the anchor text.  They also serve a deep  purpose for search engine optimization . An anchor text is a piece of text that is used to describe a link. So instead of a long and unattractive text link that contains an entire URL, you can use anchor text to name the link you’d like.

The average site visitor is much more likely to click on a piece of anchor text, rather than a long unattractive URL.

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Why is the anchor text important with SEO?

Backlinks! When you link back to your site on the Internet, you are creating a backlink for your site. Backlinks let the search engines know that your site is relevant and valuable.


But……..a regular backlink that does not contain anchor text will not give the search engine a quick way of knowing what keyword that page is targeting.

For example, if you have created a page that pertains to the keyword “cameras” and you link back to this page with a regular URL, you can see that this link does not really tell a lot about the destination of the link. But if you were to use anchor text to disguise the link as the clickable words “camera” then you would make it easy for the search engines to index that page as pertaining to that keyword.

I will closeout this tut with my example of an anchor text.

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